The quality system aims at describing and providing information about the way work is being carried out at Solutia360. It is addressed to all interested parties which include customers, auditors, employees etc. During the course of its designing and development, each process has been thoroughly reviewed and the practices of quality assurance, control and improvement as stipulated in ISO 9001:2015 are incorporated in the existing work practices. The methodology in each process has also been reviewed and supplemented with few new practices which are deemed critical for achieving customer satisfaction. In September 2016, when the transformation from the traditional management to quality management was planned and subsequently translated into the pivotal processes, the management gave special consideration to factors like better performance, effectiveness, adaptability, simplicity, less documentation, and traceability in the system, so as it should remain as a performance guide for employees It is hoped that this system will remain updated with the required changes and shall not lose sight of the external market environment.

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