Solutia360 is a trading name of National Technocommercial Services Limited. The facility located at Islamabad has a covered area of over 10,000 square feet and has gone fully operational since the end of lst quarter of 2015. The factory has been rationally laid out with efficient interbay movements. There are six bays comprising areas of press shop, injection moulding machines, machine shop of (CNC machines), Surface heat treatment equipment and chemical labs besides these fabrication and paint shop are also available. The Solutia360 has the capability to undertake integrated works which comprise of press fabrication, plastic injection moulding and machining supported by a tool room, a die and mould production section and metal surface treatment (painting booth and oven) and heat treatment furnace. Each of the sections have been set up with distinct objectives. The facilities are sufficiently flexible to respond to the growing market needs and are capable of accommodating any extraordinary production programs. The production facilities at Solutia360 have been designed to undertake production of steel press fabricated components and welded subassemblies /assemblies for automotive (OEM requirements and Spares Market) and other industrial applications including hot pressing\forging of non-ferrous alloys and metals. Precision machining area equipped with conventional machine tools as well as CNC machines take up machining of high tech components for the requirements of engineering industry.

Message From Chairman

Since going into production in the first quarter of 2015, Solutia360 has come a long way in a remarkably short time span of five years. Continuous improvement was the message that i gave to my team when we started . And I have reason to be proud of when I look back over this period of five .Being a perfections, I believe , that we still have some way to go as the expectations of the clients are always on the rise, so we must rise to the occasion, as we have done innumerable times before. We rose to the callenge of ISO 9001, and we surely will meet the next challenges that come our way. The transformation form conventional machines to CNG was as seamless as was from drawing boards to CAD. The driving force behind all this change was, on one hand our will to improve. And on the other the desire to facilitate our customers by providing best possible service. We are still as committed to our customers as we were five years ago and that is why they keep on coming back to us . At solutia360, we belive that we have to be flexible enough to cater to the requirements of our customers and rigid enough to meet our own standards. We look forward not only to do business with you but also to convert you to our growing list of satisfied clients.
(Rizwan H. Qureshi)

Message From the CEO

The business we are in is a very demanding one. To subdue the challenges of this business we continuously develop our proficiency and skill, and strive with an attitude towards achieving the complete satisfaction of our customers. Any and all long-term, confident and mutually beneficial partnerships are the stepping stone to success in this unpredictable atmosphere.


Our business is focused on adding value and quality from the very first consultation and throughout the life cycle of commitment. We bring to the table the best and most extensive consulting, based on our technical knowledge, engineering services and products. We furnish you with complete solutions for all your requirements. We have the expertise and the capacity to challenge even the most demanding technical investments. Our ultimate goal is to make you more successful, for the success and satisfaction of our customers is synonymous with our own.


Our team is geared to work zealously towards achieving our customers’ goals. When our clients entrust us with a project, they should have complete peace of mind that they will receive the best. They should have confidence that we will identify optimal and original solutions for the challenges they face and that we will bring projects to completion efficiently and in harmony with our agreements. This is our promise and every solutia360 employee is expected to instill this promise into his work ethic, so as to perform to the best of his ability every day.


We enjoy rolling up our sleeves at the prospect of undertaking new projects. Send us a contact request or get directly in touch with one of our experts. We look forward to extend to you our assistance and technical expertise that will build a strong foundation for your business.
Farid Ahmed Qureshi