CNC Machining:

Solutia360 is equipped with the latest state of the art CNC machines. Our specialization lies in 2D & 3D Profiling utilizing VMC 3-axis technology, achieving precision up to 0.001mm and a machining capacity of 750 x 450mm.

Milling Machining:

At Solutia360, we bring innovation and precision to the forefront of milling machining services. Our expertise include Slotting, Drilling, and PCD processes, employing vertical and horizontal machines equipped with a DRO system, ensuring precision up to 0.01mm.

Lathe Machining:

Experience precision like never before with Solutia360’s advanced lathe machining capabilities. Our expertise encompasses Turning, Facing, Grooving, and Boring procedures utilizing conventional machines, ensuring accuracy up to 0.01mm and a maximum swing of 12 inches.

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